Creating a bit of Adventure

We all have the dull routine days and tasks of our lives, I feel like I am always emptying the dishwasher or putting the washing away but I think it is so important to find new experiences and adventures where you can. This past weekend I was really craving this, I needed that injection of wonder and inspiration you get from new things, people or places, so we decided to visit a Wildlife Trust place near us called College Lake. I thought it was just going to be a place for a walk, spot some birds on the lake and grab a coffee in the cafe but it was so much more!

It started badly with a tantrum from Peggy, my 2 year old, plus the gale force winds but that didn’t stop us from exploring. We went to a hide and watched some birds and then found a woodland theatre, which Peggy loved climbing. It then started to rain so we dashed for the nearest cover which was a discovery centre (see photo) it was a wooden cabin full of skeletons, taxidermy, old books, trinkets and treasures. The best bit was that it was all there for kids and adults to play with, pick up and explore! I loved it!

It left me feeling excited and raring to get on with the week ahead. I want to go back and explore some more, maybe get some inspiration for a new Bright Corner light.

You don’t need to go far to get that fix of adventure and it doesn’t have to be something big, just something little now and again is all you need.


Wildlife Trust - College Lake, Tring