How to shop local & independent - Food

I try and shop local and independent, where I can. It obviously isn’t possible for everything but I thought I would share with you my balance. I am going to start with how I do my food shopping and I will write another blog post on clothes and interiors.

I live in a little Village, we have a butchers and an amazing farm shop so I try and support these businesses when I can. This isn’t always easy with a 2 year old, so I also get an organic Riverford box delivered weekly. I initially thought this would be expensive but if you aren’t fussy about what you get in your box it can work out cheaper than buying organic in a supermarket. Plus it is seasonal, fresh, mainly local UK produce, ethical and there is less plastic waste as it comes in a cardboard box, which is reused weekly.

I then top up at my local supermarkets and still buy convenience food, as it unrealistic as a working mother to be able to cook fresh everyday. I have stopped buying meat all together from supermarkets as I want to know exactly where my meat is from and that it is organic and local. Knowing that the animals have had a good life and have been killed humanely is important to me. I would rather eat good quality meat a few times a week rather than cheap meat everyday.

I have recently found The Refill Pantry in St Albans, they sell dried goods - pasta, rice, nuts, cereals etc… you fill a jar and then take it back to refill. We are currently having a kitchen extension but once this is finished my aim is to have shelves of jars and refill when needed. I have also seen wine shops that use a refill system, I would love to do this but am yet to find one near me. These refill shops seem to be popping up everywhere, so check for one near you.

I am happy with the balance I currently have but one day I would love to grow some of my own veg and not use a supermarkets at all but with a young family and busy life, I still rely on the convenience of having baked beans and fish fingers in the house.