My Bright Corner Work / Life Balance

One of my main reasons for leaving my city job, moving to the country and starting Bright Corner was to have more control over how and when I work. Before I had a baby the reasons behind this was health, I have Lupus an auto immune disease and working in a stressful, fast paced environment such as the film industry made my Lupus much worse. Since having Peggy, it is now about being a mum as well as a business owner and being happy and healthy.

Being a Mum

Peggy is now 2 so I feel like we are only just coming out of that stage where they need a lot from you, she is definitely more independent and goes to nursery 2 mornings a week. I am also incredibly lucky as her Grandma has her for a whole day on a Tuesday, so I get 2 whole days a week to fit in everything else. Thursday, Fridays are our days together, which I feel so lucky to have, we often see family or friends with kids, so that’s also my social time.

Bright Corner

I rarely am without my phone, so I am always connected to Bright Corner. I hate admitting this and one day I want to have phone free days or at least mornings. I am still in my first year of business, so am dedicated to my lights succeeding. My official work time is 3 hours on a Monday, Wednesday morning and all day Tuesday, which isn’t very long as I also have to fit in cleaning the house, washing and boring adult jobs like paying bills etc…

I also work evenings, when I have the energy and weekends if something is urgent. The challenge with a small business is that you can work and work and work but there is always something to do, so I have to prioritise and make sure I don’t get overwhelmed.

My Well-Being

I also try and fit in exercise where I can, Tuesday night is yoga which I never miss and if my week is productive I can fit in swimming or another yoga class. I also try and meet a friend for dinner every now and again, to feel like I still have some social life.

I also try and meet friends I have made through BC for coffee, as it helps to talk about the challenges of juggling family and work and you realise you are not alone.


I feel like getting this balance is an ongoing task, some weeks it works, others not so much. We also now have our extension to throw into the mix, which at the moment is all on the builders but once they are done, we will have painting and finishing touches to do ourselves.

Life is crazy but I feel so lucky to be able to decide what’s important and choose what I do and when.

Would love to hear about your work / life balance and will share as a blog series - email me here.