frequently asked questions

How many designs are there?

Currently we have 5 designs, Townhouse, Star Tent, Woodland, Welsh Cottage and Lighthouse but there are plans to grow the collection. If there is something specific you would like to see please drop us as email at we love to hear new ideas.

how do the lights work?

All of our lights are mains powered and use a UK plug. They come assembled, so when your light arrives all you have to do is take the roof off, fit the LED bulb (which is included), plug in and enjoy.

Can I use any bulb?

Our lights are designed to be used with LED bulbs only, so please do not use anything else. We provide a bulb with all lights purchased but if you wanted to buy your own it would need to be an E14 LED bulb.

Can they be left on all night?

Yes, because our lights use an LED bulb they do not get hot, therefore they are safe to use as a night light.

Are they safe for kids?

Our lights are not toys, so like any electrical product we advise that you keep them away from children.

What are the lights made from?

Our lights are made with FSC approved birch plywood, we keep it natural and simple and don’t varnish or oil the wood. The light fitting uses a plastic plug, switch and lamp holder and our cable is wrapped with fabric flex, of which there are three colour choices.

Do you use sustainable materials?

Yes, our wood is FSC approved which means it is from a sustainable source. We use fabric flex instead of plastic and all of our packaging is natural and can be recycled.

Where can I see them in person?

We don't have our own shop but we do have lovely stockists across the UK. Have a look here to find your nearest one.

do you DELIVER worldwide?

Bright Corner currently delivers to UK, Europe, United States, Canada and Australia. If you live elsewhere please email us and we will do our best to deliver to you. Please be aware that we currently only offer UK plugs, but adaptors can be used to suit all countries.

have another question?

please send an email to